Plasma enables UV metal printing

A completely new, patented atmospheric plasma source enables intensive, metal-specific surface treatment, resulting in a flawless surface that is virtually free of organic contaminants. This preparation of the surface for printing achieves unprecedented adhesion for UV inks, allowing them to withstand subsequent production steps such as deep drawing and flanging without problems. Unlike previous pretreatment processes, which use solvents and require a lot of energy and ovens, the new process works without solvents. The curing time of the UV-based inks is less time and energy consuming, and the performance now achieved also enables high production speeds of up to 6500 metal sheets per hour.
By using nitrogen and its strong ionization in the plasma source, high kinetic energy is transferred to the material to dissolve the organic contamination from the metal surface. This unique treatment is similar to high intensity annealing, but in this case the temperature exposure is very short and therefore more favorable to the material.


Industrial plasma technology is based on a simple physical principle: When energy is supplied, the states of matter change. Thus, solid becomes liquid and liquid becomes gaseous. If further energy is now added to a gas, e.g. air, it is ionized and changes to the high-energy plasma state.

If the ionized gas meets a surface, its properties change. For example, it can become particularly hydrophilic or hydrophobic. Plasmatreat takes advantage of this phenomenon and applies it to various materials, such as a wide range of metals, plastics or glass. Pretreatment with Openair-Plasma® expands the application possibilities of established materials and enables novel materials as well as unimagined material composites. For example, this technology is also driving industrial inline use in the field of coatings for metal packaging.

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Plasmatreat Live METPACK 2023

Openair-Plasma® - Making Surface Treatment Sustainable

At this year's METPACK we will present our Openair-Plasma® technology for the application in the metal packaging industry for the first time at booth 3C55 in hall 3. Working closely with our partners Brasilata and Actega, we have managed to integrate atmospheric plasma technology into an existing production line at Brasilata, making the use of UV coatings on steel (TP/TFS) viable for the first time.

Let our project team explain to you on site the development process and the application of plasma technology in this special case and show you how the use of a plasma system can open new ways also in your production.

In addition, we will give you a compact introduction to atmospheric plasma technology. We will show you our Openair-Plasma® live on site and explain what makes plasma application an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional surface treatments of metals.

Atmospheric plasma technology is a "game changer" when it comes to adhesion properties, substrate replacement or functionalization of surfaces. Make an appointment right now and stop by to learn more about Openair-Plasma® technology.

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Resistant bonding of painted surfaces

In the bonding of painted components, which has become an increasingly important process in many industrial sectors and requires absolute reliability, plasma technology provides effective support. Here, too, microfine cleaning, e.g. for metal and glass with Openair-Plasma® results in an increase in surface energy that favors strong and long-lasting bonding.
Can Pretreatment

New chances for the use of UV coatings

Openair-Plasma® technology offers a high savings potential for manufacturers of metal packaging. In production, no energy-intensive ovens are then needed for curing solvent-based inks. There is also no need to purchase and dispose of chemical baths, as is the case with the use of chemical primers. In general, a plasma system also takes up less space than conventional pretreatment methods and is less expensive to purchase and invest in.
Plasma jet PFW100

Openair-Plasma® Nozzle PFW100 - for flat surfaces

With the new PFW100 plasma nozzle, Plasmatreat has a suitable nozzle ready for the pretreatment of flat components or surfaces, which can be used for processes at high speed and at the same time in a large width. The PFW100 is particularly suitable for the flat cleaning of metal. The PFW100 performs uniform pretreatment over a width of 100 mm per plasma nozzle at relative speeds of up to 200 m/min. The treatment width can be flexibly varied via the modular arrangement of several nozzles.

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Plasma is a real gamechanger in the metal can industry. We are opening the way to a significantly more environmentally friendly process for printing and coating metal packaging - with highly efficient processes."

- Christian Buske, CEO / Plasmatreat

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