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The Importance of Surface Treatment and Oxide Reduction

The REDOX-Tool - Flux less inline Oxide Reduction

  1. Improved Electrical Performance: Oxide layers on metal surfaces can impede electrical conductivity, leading to inefficient performance and increased resistance. Removing these layers ensures optimal electrical contact, which is critical for the high currents and voltages managed by IGBTs and semiconductors.

  2. Enhanced Adhesion: Oxidized surfaces can compromise the adhesion of subsequent layers or components. In semiconductor manufacturing, strong and reliable bonds are essential for the durability and performance of the final product. Effective oxide reduction promotes better adhesion, leading to more robust and reliable components.

  3. Reduced Defects and Failures: Oxides and contaminants can cause defects during the manufacturing process, such as voids or delamination, which can lead to failures in the field. By ensuring a clean surface, oxide reduction minimizes the risk of these defects, enhancing the reliability and lifespan of the components.

  4. Efficiency in Miniaturization: As electronic components become smaller, the margin for error decreases. Tiny imperfections caused by oxides can have significant impacts on performance and reliability. Surface treatment ensures that even the smallest components are manufactured to the highest standards, supporting ongoing trends in miniaturization.



for inline oxide reduction
amongst others

  • Semiconductors: Enhances joint quality, electrical and thermal conductivity, and overall reliability by eliminating oxide layers.
  • Power Modules: Ensures performance and reliability throughout the assembly process, from DCB substrate to die attach, wire bonding, sintering, and molding.
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Plasmatreat GmbH has developed a market innovation in the form of the inline REDOX-Tool. Our new inline REDOX-Tool is particularly reliable when processing semiconductors or IGBT power modules. For example, this system is an efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to the use of flux in the soldering process for thermal compression bonding in semiconductor production.
Plasma treatment semiconductor

Plasma technology improves process in the semiconductor industry

For selective plasma surface treatment during the production of semiconductor components, theOpenair-Plasma® technology supplies a fully automated inline system set up according to customer requirements. The technology involved in plasma surface treatment can be used in many ways in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

The surfaces of metal parts naturally oxidize under the influence of oxygen - but for components and processing steps in the electronics industry, these oxide layers must be thoroughly removed to ensure high product quality and low reject rates in the end products

- Nico Coenen, Plasmatreat GmbH / Global Director Electronics Market

Plasma: How Does this Exactly Work?

Openair-Plasma® is generated with electricity and compressed air and is even CO2-neutral when green energy is used. All plasma processes are solvent-free, contribute to the environmental balance, can be used site-selectively and can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines.

Innovative control and monitoring systems from Plasmatreat ensure high process reproducibility. Dry surface treatment with Openair-Plasma® can be carried out in a fully automated process, as an environmentally friendly alternative to harmful chemical processes. Here, the need for additional pre-treatments with chemical primers is eliminated during the activation and fine cleaning of various surfaces prior to bonding, coating, painting, or sealing. Modern, solvent-free or water-based adhesives, paints, and varnishes can then be used. This significantly reduces the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in production.

Plasma Instead of Chemicals

Using Openair-Plasma® means protecting the environment. Adhesion is really all about surface energy and surface polarity. Since nonpolar materials, and recycled materials, too, in many cases, are often difficult to wet, solvent based adhesion promoters are used to activate the surface. Consequently, adhesion promoters are frequently responsible for over 80% of the VOC-emitting substances used to achieve a reliable bond. Plasma based surface pretreatments achieve clean, highly activated surfaces which can be readily wetted with water, thereby dispensing with the need for VOCs and the associated drying and waste water disposal.

The high surface energy generated by Openair-Plasma® ensures even paint distribution and optimal adhesion. Surface contamination resulting from organic impurities is safely removed. Plasma overwhelmingly reduces the reject rate in countless installations.

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