Joint project live at Fakuma 2023

Overmolding of sensitive electronic components with thermosets

At the Plasmatreat booth 1210 in hall A1, a joint project will demonstrate the pretreatment and overmolding of printed circuit boards using injection molding. 

First, the PCB will be cleaned with Openair-Plasma® and contamination like dust or grease will be removed in the best way. The next step is plasma technology again: the electronics components are then coated with an adhesion-promoting layer using the special PlasmaPlus® process and finally overmolded with a temperature-resistant thermoset in an injection molding system. The Openair-Plasma® treatment and PlasmaPlus® coating ensure reliable adhesion of the plastic to the circuit boards and protect them from environmental influences.

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The process

Plasma treatment and injection molding process are in the focus of this exciting joint project, which Plasmatreat will present with various partners. Among others, ARBURG GmbH, Siegfried Hofmann GmbH, Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., and Barth Mechanik GmbH will be present. These companies will demonstrate the encapsulation of printed circuit boards (PCBs) with plastic at the Plasmatreat booth.

The fully automated process starts with a gentle fine cleaning of the electronic components with Openair-Plasma®. The PCBs are then coated with an adhesion-promoting PT-Bond layer using the PlasmaPlus® process from Plasmatreat. With the aid of a gripper from Barth Mechanik, the pre-treated PCBs are then inserted into the injection mould from Hofmann in the Allrounder 470 A injection moulding machine from ARBURG. In the system, the components are overmolded with a 1K epoxy-based thermoset from Sumitomo Bakelite. This process is supported by the company Kistler Instrumente AG, which is active in the field of sensor technology. Kistler provides a pressure sensor that measures the pressure in the mold to ensure the right amount of material is used. Also part of the joint project is Sigmasoft Engineering GmbH, which uses its simulation software to check whether the plastic is flowing into the mold as planned.

We would like to thank our partners for their support in this big project!

If you are interested in experiencing our joint project live, please visit us at Fakuma 2023 at booth 1210 in hall A1. 

Our Partners

Plasmatreat GmbH

Plasmatreat has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plasma systems as well as a globally active service provider in surface technology.

Sumitomo Bakelite Co.,Ltd.

Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. discovers higher functions in plastics and offers products that are safe and reliable for diverse applications in wide-ranging fields extending from telecommunications, automotive and medical to food and construction.

Arburg GmbH + Co KG

With approximately 2,500 employees in Germany and a further 500 worldwide, Arburg serves sales markets for machines with clamping forces ranging from 125 to 6,500 kN.

Hofmann GmbH

Over 65 years of innovation have made Hofmann Impulsgeber a pioneer in technology and development. As an internationally successful toolmaker and machine engineer, making an innovative impact is firmly anchored in their corporate culture.

BARTH Mechanik GmbH

Barth Mechanik delivers the highest quality and best solutions - from grippers and deposit/feed systems to robots and manufacturing cells to visual inspection systems and NC manufacturing. For more than 30 years they have been a reliable partner for the industry.

Kistler Instrumente AG

Kistler, as a pioneer, has become a global market leader in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement technology, with know-how in a multitude of industries and applications. Ever since it was founded in 1959, the Kistler Group has grown hand-in-hand with its customers and employees.

SIGMA Engineering GmbH

Covered by a modern, intuitive graphical user interface SIGMASOFT ® Virtual Molding integrates multiple process specific models and 3D-simulation technologies which are developed, validated and continuously optimized also in the metal casting product for more than 30 years.

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